#362 How to Deal with Either/Or Situations

Step Back. Think. Get As Much of BOTH As Possible

Ray Dalio shares a ton of wisdom in his epic book Principles. Here’s an idea I come back to often in my coaching sessions and in my own strategic thinking.

It goes something like this: When you’re faced with an apparent either/or decision, slow down, step back, and think harder about how you can have as much of BOTH as possible.

For Dalio, it was achieving high investment returns with low risk. Either/or, right? Not necessarily. Figuring out how to have a TON of both is one of the primary reasons he’s achieved his success.

For me, it’s been Philosopher or CEO. Either/or, right? Not necessarily. (Although I’ve thought so for way too long — hah!) Figuring out how to integrate the two most powerfully is the focus of my life right now.

What is it for YOU?

Do you have any apparent either/or dichotomies in your life?

Slow down.

Write it down on a piece of paper.

Step back.

Stare at the riddle.

Think a little harder.

Figure out how you can have as much of BOTH as possible.

Philosophical warning: The process may hurt your brain a bit. Deep thinking often does which is why, as they say, so few people do it. Yet!! The returns are huge.

So, Today’s +1: Turn off your phone for 5 minutes and go Deep.

Step into the confusion that is the doorway to the next-best version of you.

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