Nims Purja

Ground-breaking Record holder #14peaks 1st #k2winter No02 Only human to summit 43X8K & 20X8k summits No 02 13xWorld records

Nims Purja MBE made history by smashing the last great mountaineering feat – summitting K2 in winter.

Together with his all-Nepalese team, they became the first ten to stand on the top of the Savage Mountain in extreme winter conditions in January 2021. He also famously toppled the record for summiting all 14 of the highest ‘death zone’ peaks in the world in just six months and six days. The previous record was just shy of eight years.

Known for his positive mindset, the former Gurkha and UK Special Forces operative (SBS), aims to inspire everyone that no matter where they come from, or what their goal is, that they can achieve it.

Beyond Possible tells Nims’ incredible story, from his days growing up in Chitwan in Nepal, serving in the Gurkhas and the UK Special Forces, to discovering his love of big mountain climbing. It follows him throughout his 14 Peaks Challenge, where he went from an unknown in the world of climbing to breaking multiple world records and helping rescue fellow climbers along the way.