Mark Waldman

Brain researcher.

Mark Waldman is one of the world’s leading experts on communication, spirituality, and the brain. He is on the faculty at Loyola Marymount University’s College of Business and the Holmes Institute.

Mark has authored 12 books, including the national bestseller, How God Changes Your Brain, an Oprah pick for 2012. His research has been published throughout the world and featured in Time, the Washington Post, the New York Times, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Investor’s Business Weekly, and Oprah Magazine.

Mark lectures throughout the world teaching communication, conflict resolution. and productivity-enhancement strategies to schools, corporations, and spiritual organizations. His clients include world-renowned universities, psychological associations, educational institutes, and government/civic organizations. He has appeared on PBS Television and NPR Radio, and he received the Distinguished Speaker award from the Mind Science Foundation. For workshop descriptions and speaker information, click this link.

Mark is one of the leading developers of Neuro-Coaching, a highly effective brain-based counseling strategy that helps individuals, couples, and groups solve personal and work-related problems in just a couple of sessions. Using Skype and international teleconferencing, Mark has helped thousands of clients achieve greater happiness and success – at home and at work. Click this link for more information.

Mark also offers coaching and editorial services for nonfiction writers and book proposal development. Click this link for more information.

Click this link to order CDs, Mp3s, and video training programs relating to mindfulness, stress reduction, communication, wealth-building, and neurological peak performance.