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Happy Sunday.

Our string of EXCITING weeks has continued!

We’ve been sharing a ton of updates throughout, so let’s keep the intro tight for this week’s Brief and get right to it!

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1. Crowdfunding closing soon!

THANK YOU (!!!) to all of you who are already Heroic investors!

To learn more about our business and movement, you can check out the Heroic Investment Deck, How We’re Going to Change the World Together 101, as well as all of the other recent updates shared on Wefunder!

And if you feel so inspired, we’d be honored to have you join us as a Heroic Early Stage Investor before the round closes. You can learn more and invest between $100 and $25,000 with us on Wefunder.

Investments in Heroic have ranged from $100 to $1 million+.

If you are an accredited investor interested in investing $25,000 or more, please let us know here.

2. Athens Activation Experience (+ Phoenix Workshop)

As we discussed on Friday’s Town Hall (watch the replay here), there are now several options to join us in person to transform your life this fall.

We’re FIRED UP for all of the once-in-a-lifetime awesomeness happening in Athens, plus the newly added Phoenix Heroic Workshop Instructor Training! (And the Athens VIP Experience that we sent another email about earlier today!)

Here’s the quick overview of the options:

Fall Heroic Events:
(1) Oct 18th-20th: Phoenix Heroic Workshop Instructor Training. Learn more here.
(2) Nov 4th-6th: Athens Activation Experience. Grab your ticket here.
(3) Nov 4th-9th: Athens Activation Experience + Heroic Workshop Instructor Training. Learn more here.
(+1) Nov 4th-6th/9th: VIP Athens Experience. Learn more here and grab a ticket here OR complete a new $51k investment in our current round.

Can’t wait to forge excellence and activate our Heroic potential in person again soon!

3. Workshop Instructors making ripples

It’s only been a little over one month since we finished our first Heroic Workshop Instructor training event in Austin, and the ripples of impact have already started spreading around the world.

As we highlighted in a 3-part series of emails, we’re FIRED UP about all the awesomeness these Heroic Coaches and Heroic Workshop Instructors are up to as force multipliers and leaders in their local communities around the world.

Seriously. You are all AMAZING!!!

In Part 1, we celebrated the ripples being spread around the world by the 100+ individuals from more than 100+ cities (33 states and 13 countries!) who just got trained in Austin last month.

In Part 2, we celebrated a few recent examples of people using the Heroic Workshop to expand their income and impact in their local communities, including Chris’s executive impact story and Beth’s Heroic Coach + Workshop client creation story.

In Part 3, we wrapped it up with a quick, big-picture look at how the Heroic Coach + Heroic Workshop Instructor programs fit together, and why we’re so excited about their impact on an individual and collective level! (Plus we heard Octavio’s Heroic journey as a Coach + Workshop Instructor!)


If you’re ready to:

1. Be the best version of yourself. (Period.)
2. Help others to be the best version of themselves.
3. Make money creating a positive impact on the world.

Check out Coach Class XXIV (starts July 15th!) and our upcoming Heroic Workshop Instructor training events in both Phoenix and Athens, or book a call to chat with a recent Coach grad!

Note: You don’t have to be a Heroic Coach to become a Heroic Workshop Instructor! Each of them also stands alone!

Note2: If you want to do BOTH Coach Class XXIV and an upcoming HWIT event, just reply to this email or book a call to chat with us about how to save $2,000 by bundling.

4. Executive Summary of Areté by Brian Johnson

Rather than share a new Philosopher’s Note this week, we shared something similar and kinda special instead. (See below for the backstory from Brian)

As you may remember, last week’s new Philosopher’s Note featured Areté, by Brian Johnson, which I had the distinct honor of distilling into the first Note in our collection that wasn’t written by Brian.

We’ve gotten a TON of really (!) positive feedback on that Note (🙏) and how it’s a REALLY great way to introduce people to what we’re up to with Heroic.

Here’s the link for the web/app and a link to the PDF that might be easier for you to share.


For more on the special “summary” for this week, here’s the story Brian shared on Wednesday:

“On January 2nd, 2008, Alexandra and I were on a plane flying home from Tokyo to Los Angeles after a little pre-honeymoon trip to India, Cambodia, Thailand, and Japan.

On that flight, I happened to open a 'SkyMall' magazine to a 2-page advertisement for a company called Soundview that did great summaries of business books.

At the VERY moment I opened the magazine and saw that ad, a choir of angels began singing (👼 😇 👼!!)—telling me that I should create something similar for self-development books.

In that very moment, Philosopher’s Notes were created.


When that very same company reached out to ask if they could create a summary of Areté, I smiled.


That’s what I want to share today.

Here’s their executive summary of Areté.

I feel so incredibly blessed to do what I do. And I feel even more blessed to do it with YOU.

Thank you for all your support.

Sending tons of love and high fives and Areté.

It’s Day 1. We’re ALL IN.



Again, you can check out the executive summary of Areté here.

Plus our Philosopher’s Notes on Areté in the web/app and a link to the PDF that might be easier for you to share.

(Get instant access to this Philosopher’s Note (and 600+ others and a TON of other goodness!) with Heroic Premium. Your first 30 days are free!)

5. THANK YOU (🙇‍♂️) for your continued App Store celebrations!

We absolutely LOVE (and deeply appreciate!) each review that gets posted. They automatically filter into our team-wide chats on Slack, and we read and savor every single one!

Here are a few recent highlights:

Heroic is the best training platform there is
“All Heroic content is awesome. I have been studying it for years. The app is super useful in supporting you to make today your best day.” by Edwin&Floris

Practicing Areté with adult ADHD
“This app has been a game changer for me! I was diagnosed with ADHD late last year and then discovered the Heroic app through Ryan Holiday’s Daily Stoic podcast. Although I’ve been a follower of Stoicism for 9 years and have made huge strides forward in life, Heroic has provided me with a framework to set targets, create momentum, and help me focus on what’s important now!” by weekrocker

Can I give it 6 stars?
“I’ve been reading and listening to personal development and self-help all my life. But Heroic is where it ALL came together. It was an aha moment. Now, I can truly see how to do and act as my best self in order to give to others in love and service. Thank you for changing the direction of my life!” by The Bench Officer

Heroic is the antidote to global strife
“Heroic is life changing. In a world filled with angst about war, politics, civil unrest and more, Heroic is the antidote showing each of us how to become the hero of our own lives, fostering our unique ability to make a positive difference in the world.” by ScottLMcIntosh

Incremental change maker
“If you want to live your best life, create the vision and pathway in this app. Use the immense encyclopedia of ancient wisdom and modern science to flourish. Let’s go hero!” by LannyRT

The best app to get if your goal is self development.
“I am impressed with the quality and amount of unique and essential information that is being provided by this app. Brian Johnson is a fantastic human being and also an amazing professional!” by Gzb77

Accountability within and without
“If you want to improve something, start measuring it. If you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far go with a friend. If you want to do both…download this app and join the community.” by Aureli101

Life changing experience
“This app is the most effective way to progress and become the best version of ourselves. Thank you Brian, Michael, Alexandra and the team for making this app.” by Shivamopt

Best app…period
“This app is THE APP for self development. Period. There is nothing else like it. This app helps me to be obsessed with my personal development.” by UnboundMT



+1. Wisdom from the week:

“There is nothing enlightened about shrinking so that other people won't feel insecure around you. as we let our own light shine, we unconsciously give other people permission to do the same. And as we are liberated from our own fear, our presence automatically liberates others.”

— Marianne Williamson

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And this week’s Heroic +1s:


Have questions or suggestions about Heroic, or ANYTHING we can help with?

Join us on Wednesday at 1:00pm EST / 10:00am PST for Office Hours. Or reach out to our top-rated Heroic Service team by replying to this note or sending an email to support@heroic.us.


With Wisdom + Discipline + Love + Courage + Gratitude + Hope + Curiosity + Zest.

Heroes Unite!

Let’s do this.

Day 1.

-Michael and Team Heroic

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