Michael here, and FIRED UP (🔥) because...

We're hosting our SECOND North American Heroic Workshop Instructor Training this year in Phoenix, Arizona, this upcoming October 18-20th.

In case you missed it, our first training in Austin, TX this May was (off the charts!!) incredible.

👉 Head here to apply to join us today!

There are ONLY 150 TOTAL SPOTS available.

So if you’re excited to be a part of this first wave of 2024 Heroic Workshop Instructors... apply TODAY! 🙌

Note: This event is NOT “just” for Coaches or Workshop Instructors. It’s also for high-performers in all professions who are looking to take their personal and professional performance to the next level. More on that below.

Applications will be approved on a rolling basis. If approved, we’ll send you the link to purchase your ticket and secure your spot!

Before we get to the AWESOMENESS that's in store for us (including custom, unable-to-get-anywhere-else guided experiences), let's chat about the...

Certified Heroic Workshop Instructor Training

In May 2024, we introduced a brand new, in-person, intensive training to complement what we do in our scientifically validated, 300-day Heroic Coach program.

We called it the Certified Heroic Workshop Instructor training.

We gathered 100+ of our top Certified Heroic Coaches in Austin and trained them to lead world-class, life-changing experiences through Heroic Workshops in 100+ cities in 13+ countries, acting as Heroic Leaders in their local communities.

We knew we wanted each of them to leave feeling more confident in themselves, connected to one another, and activated as that next best, Heroic version.

What we didn't know was just (!) how (!) powerful (!!!) of an impact this training would have on those in attendance.

Fun fact → The “Net Promoter Score” for this new training is 95! That’s really (REALLY!) good, and means that nearly every single person (!!!) who went through the training and gave us feedback said they are “EXTREMELY likely” to recommend you do it too!!!

Here is just a small sample of the stories they shared:

"This will take you to a deeper and next level..."

During this 3-day training event, you will:

(a) Forge excellence and activate the next level of your Heroic potential through our most powerful condensed training yet, with twenty+ hours of large and small group training spread over six days.

“I have obtained many certifications before and even teach a certification course myself, but this event is unlike any other!” —Stephanie C


(b) Increase your capacity to create revenue and impact by being trained on how to lead and deliver Heroic Workshops, with everything you need to fill seats (think marketing assets like photos, testimonials, copy, and inclusion in a Heroic promoted workshop calendar) facilitate transformation (exercises, slides, participant packets) and make money (strategic guidance, suggested pricing, etc.).

Plus, learn how to use Heroic Workshops as powerful lead-generation assets for your 1:1 or group Coaching / Consulting / Training business (if that’s your thing)!

"I have been both a participant and a trainer in many different business-oriented workshops over the past 50-some years of my working life. The Heroic Workshop Instructor Training is one of the most powerful business experiences I have ever encountered." — Scott M


(c) Connect with other members of our community in a deeper way than ever before. Experience the training, experiential events, shared meals, and tons of small group interactions, in your personally assigned Heroic unit within the full group of up to 150 heroes.

“Get first-hand experience of the magic you can help to create in others! This may be the most important training to take you to the next level!” — Maggie G


(d) Become a part of a special group of our first wave of Local Leaders and Certified Heroic Workshop Instructors. Anyone in Heroic Coach — Class I or II knows how incredible this is!

(e) Be empowered with additional, ongoing support (from Heroic and your Heroic Coach + Workshop Instructor + Local Leader peers) to help you leverage and apply your training to CONTINUE increasing your revenue and impact over time as a foundational Heroic leader in your local community.

“The ability to do reps with other people who are in the trenches with you and being led by incredible facilitators was so valuable. I feel completely supported by the Heroic community and the team in my journey going forward as a Heroic Workshop Instructor.” — Debbie G

(f) Get some exclusive, next-level Heroic gear. 😎


It’s all happening in Phoenix, Arizona.

October 18th-20th (Fri-Sun) 2024.


Ready to activate the next phase of your Heroic potential with next-level training and community?!

Head here to apply to join us in Phoenix!

Is This Event For Me?!

Let's revisit those incredible videos from above for the answer.

If you’re already an expert facilitator or coach or workshop instructor, the answer is… YES!

“Those who are expert facilitators or coaches or do their own workshops, it is going to be an absolutely fabulous and impactful experience for you to expand what you’re already doing. Even if you know a lot already, this will take you to a deeper and next level that’s actually sustainable. It is the blueprint to repeatedly come back to and sustain you over the course of your life. Yes, it is a big commitment, but that’s where transformation comes from."
Andrea Wieland, PhD, MBA, OLY
Licensed Psychologist, 1996 Olympian, Founder of Winning Systems Psychology


Maybe you’re a new or aspiring Coach who is looking to get their business rocking.

Is this for you?!


"If you want to start your own coaching business, you will be given the tools you need to succeed. I came in here to really grow this coaching business that I have. After these three days I walked away with knowledge, the connections, and the tools I need to succeed. Just take that next step. Speed is a force.”
Marlo Villanueva
Performance Coach, Class I Heroic Workshop Instructor

Or maybe you’re a rock-star professional (Investment Banker in Zurich, Partner in NYC, CEO in San Fran, etc.), and you’re looking for a cheat code for personal and professional development and mental performance mastery.

Is this for you?!

YES!!! (!!!)

“Literally a cheat code for personal and professional development and mental performance mastery. I wanted to be able to grow my practice and learn some new tools and strategies. I got so sooo much more than I bargained for, in terms of my own personal development and moving forward with the growth of my business as well. My experience was absolutely incredible, and quite honestly, life-changing.”
Gina Karnišovas
Certified Mental Performance Coach and Licensed Counselor


Are you ready to increase your capacity to influence change at a local level, expanding your impact (and income!) as a leader in your community and industry?

While also experiencing transformational personal and professional development and a once-in-a-lifetime Philosopher’s Experience in Athens, Greece?

Head here to apply for the Certified Heroic Workshop Instructor training in Phoenix!

Apply to Join Today!

The investment for this Certified Heroic Workshop Training in Phoenix is $4,999 USD with early-bird pricing available in two waves:

  • The first 51 purchasers will save $1,000 for an investment of $3,999 USD
  • The next 50 purchasers will save $500 for an investment of $4,499 USD

(Note: this investment does not include travel or accommodation.)

A two-month split-pay option is available as well!

And, as shared above TOTAL number of tickets sold will be capped at 150 people!

Go here to apply now. We’ll be ready to evaluate applications quickly so that if you’re approved, you receive an invite to checkout shortly after.

And since we’re talking numbers, if you leave the training with your Certification and you then go lead…

  • 34 people through a three-hour workshop for $150 each = $5,100. (150 people = $22,500)
  • 10 people through a weekend workshop for $500 each = $5,000. (50 people = $25,000)
  • A single corporate training event = $5,000 to $10,000 to $35,000 to…

Note: That could be YOU!!! 👆



Before we wrap this up, a couple more important notes.

First: We’re committed to making sure that every Heroic workshop, hosted anywhere in the world, delivers a consistent, life-changing, world-class experience, one that positively impacts those who attend and spreads Heroic ripples throughout that community and towards 51 | 2051.

As such…

NOT everyone who joins the training is guaranteed to earn a Certification. You will be evaluated and required to successfully demonstrate your capacity to lead powerful, Heroic events.

Additionally, ONLY those people who have attended a Certified Heroic Workshop Instructor training event and earned their Certification will be permitted to lead Heroic branded workshops.


If you receive an invitation to join us, that means we believe that YOU are capable of meeting (or exceeding!) those standards.

But you must still earn it! 🤠


Are you ready to increase your capacity to influence change at a local level, expanding your impact (and income!) by leading life-changing experiences as a Heroic Workshop Instructor?

Head here to apply for the Certified Heroic Workshop Instructor training in Phoenix!

Can’t wait to see you there.

Day 1!

All in!!!

Let’s goooooo!!!

Michael and Team Heroic

P.S. Questions? Check out the FAQ's below or book a call to chat with us here!

Phoenix Heroic Workshop Instructor Training FAQ's

What’s included in my ticket?

Your ticket includes:

  • 3 days of Heroic Workshop Instructor Training
  • A professional headshot and additional marketing materials
  • A Facilitator’s playbook
  • Next-level exclusive Heroic Gear
  • Connection and group bonding experiences

What’s not included:

  • Airfare to Phoenix
  • Accommodation in Phoenix
  • Airport transportation

What’s the schedule?

We’ll share more details about the schedule in the coming weeks as we finalize our itinerary.

You can expect our official programming will kick off in the morning of Friday, October 18th and end the afternoon of Sunday, October 20th (by 2pm local time).

Where is the event being held?

We’re finalizing our venue and will have more details in the coming weeks.

Is there a room discount?

As soon as we finalize our venue partnership we’ll send all attendees a link to get discounted rooms. You can expect rooms to be around or under $250 USD/night (and we’ll help connect those looking to share).

What's the cancellation/refund policy?

  • Before July 15th: 100% refund
  • July 16th - 31st: 75% refund
  • August 1st - 31st: 50% refund
  • September 1st - October 18th: No refunds, ticket transferred to another person or to our Spring training (San Diego, April 9-12), with any difference in price being refunded.

Are there any materials to prepare in advance for the training?

Yes, we will send out a list of recommended readings, practices, materials and live calls in August/September. You can expect to get schedules and more information about pre-event preparation by August.

Will there be any follow-up activities or support after the event?

Yes, we’re excited to provide ongoing support and follow-up activities after the event to help you implement what you’ve learned and continue your development as a workshop instructor.

What languages will the training be conducted in?

The training will be conducted in English.