Trust Your Vibes

Secret Tools for Six-Sensory Living
by Sonia Choquette | Hay House © 2004 · 239 pages

Did you know you’ve got six senses? Yep. And the brilliant Sonia Choquette describes the why's and how’s of "six sensory" living in her great book. In the Note we'll look at some of my favorite Big Ideas on how to trust our vibes and rock it—from learning how to take care of ourselves and being flexible to no longer dwelling on the past and breathing deeply, we'll have fun playing with our vibes.

“Trusting your vibes is a way of life that creates a partnership with God and moves through you each day as though it were a dance with the Divine. What you will discover when practicing these six-sensory secrets is that for every step you take toward Divine Spirit by trusting your vibes, it will take a step toward you—and together, you’ll create a life of grace, harmony, simplicity, and abundance. This may seem far-fetched and unlikely to the five-sensory person, but to the six-sensory psychic and soulful person, this is only the beginning. It keeps getting better and better.”

~ Sonia Choquette from Trust Your Vibes

Alright. So you know about your five sense: vision, smell, touch, hearing and taste. But let’s not forget about our sixth!

Sonia likes to call our sixth sense our “vibes” and in this great book we learn the “secret tools for six-sensory living.” It’s a fun, inspiring book packed with Big Ideas to help us tap into our intuition/emotional guidance system/good ol’ vibes to create an extraordinary life.

If that sounds like fun I think you’ll dig the book. For now, let’s jump in! :)

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Sonia Choquette

Celebrated author and spiritual teacher