The Psychology of Winning

Ten Qualities of a Total Winner
by Denis Waitley | Berkley © 1986 · 192 pages

Denis Waitley's been rockin' the self-development world for several decades now and captures a lot of his wisdom in this popular book. In the Note, we'll explore the importance of taking responsibility for our attitude (echo!), staying on target, maintaining optimism and enthusiasm, concentrating all of our energy on whatever we're doing, and taking the time to plan our ideal lives.

“The term ‘Winning’ may sound phony to you. Too materialistic. Too full of A’s, or luck, or odds, or muscle-bound athletes. True winning, however, is no more than one’s own personal pursuit of individual excellence. You don’t have to knock other people down or gain at the expense of others. ‘Winning’ is taking the talent and potential you were born with, and have since developed, and using it fully toward a goal or purpose that makes you happy.”

~ Dr. Denis Waitley from The Psychology of Winning

Winning. No need to get all up in your stuff if the word doesn’t appeal to you.

Let’s think of it as our “personal pursuit of individual excellence.” That approach reminds me of the fact that in ancient Greece guys like Socrates, Plato and Aristotle said that if we wanna experience consistent happiness we need to live with what they called “Areté”—a word that literally translates as “excellence” or “virtue” but has a deeper meaning, something closer to striving to live at your highest potential.

Love that. Winning as Areté in action.

Back to The Psychology of Winning. Denis Waitley is an old-school self-development rock star and this book is a quick-reading collection of Big Ideas. Let’s explore some of my favorites, shall we? :)

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