The Power of Your Breath

The Secret Key to Reshaping Your Looks, Body, Health and Weight
by Anders Olsson | Sorena AB © 2014 · 272 pages

Anders Olsson is one of the world’s leading teachers on the science of optimal breathing. This book is packed (!) with Big Ideas and practical tips on how to Optimize our most fundamental fundie. In this Note, we explore the 5 principles of Conscious Breathing, how to Optimize your breathing posture, some tips on sleep and living your hero's journey one breath at a time.

By taking control of our breathing we can influence our thoughts and feelings, our internal organs, such as the heart and brain, as well as our bodily functions, such as digestion and the immune system.
Anders Olsson
Providing your body with oxygen is always a top priority. Since we only survive a few minutes without oxygen we need a constant inflow of this gas. An impaired breathing pattern increases our basic stress because it both decreases oxygenation, and places a greater strain on available resources to sustain optimum oxygen levels.
Anders Olsson

Seven Great Opportunities This Book Has to Offer You

1. To have a healthier life, a fitter body, more energy and better sleep.

2. To inspire you to do physical activity with your mouth closed, which promotes health, increases fat burning and endurance, reduces stress levels and makes your body feel good.

3. To face your daily life with more curiosity and humility and without critical judgment.

4. To increase your sense of faith, freedom, thankfulness, harmony, happiness and confidence.

5. To reduce feelings of concern, fear, anxiety, panic and despair.

6. To improve your communication skills, relationships and your ability to cope with criticism, avoid arguments and have better contact with your partner, children, friends, colleagues and people in general.

7. To stand up for yourself, to DARE to fail and to be whom you are and follow your dreams.

If you’re wondering what breathing has to do with standing up for yourself, living in harmony, improving your relationships, and increasing your overall happiness and confidence, you’re not alone. Many people have no idea how something as simple as breathing can affect every single aspect of their lives. I used to be one of those people until I discovered the power inherent in my breath, and now I can testify that breathing has everything to do with feeling healthy, happy and whole. My purpose in writing this book is to help you see how your life also can be made better just by the simple act of changing how you breathe.”

~ Anders Olsson from The Power of Your Breath

I read this book after reading James Nestor’s great book, Breath.

James mentions Anders Olsson a number of times in that book. In fact, they actually do a crazy experiment together in which they had a doctor at Stanford surgically plug up their noses so they HAD to breathe through their mouths exclusively for 10 days.

The results? Not good. At all.

As James puts it: “The major takeaway we already knew: mouthbreathing is terrible… The nagging fatigue, irritation, testiness, and anxiety. The horrid breath and constant bathroom breaks. The spaciness, stares, and stomachache. It was awful.”

YET… Most of us breathe through our mouths most of the time.

Anders Olsson is one of the world’s leading teachers on the science of optimal breathing. This book is packed (!) with Big Ideas and practical tips on how to Optimize our most fundamental fundie. Get a copy of the book here.

I’m excited to share a few of my favorite Ideas we can apply to our lives TODAY so let’s close our lips, take a nice, deep breath in through our nose, gently into our bellies, with a nice, long exhale as we jump straight in!

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About the author


Anders Olsson

Author of The Power of Your Breath, and the creator of the Relaxator Breathing Retrainer and Sleep Tape.