The Other 90%

How to Unlock Your Vast Untapped Potential for Leadership and Life
by Robert K. Cooper | Three Rivers Press © 2002 · 336 pages

Newsflash: You're only using 10% of your potential. Max. Good news is Robert Coopers' got a lot of awesome Ideas on how we can rock "the other 90%"! In this Note, we’ll look at the power of syntropy (entropy = a tendency for things to break down whereas syntropy = the tendency for things to perfect themselves), lighthouses (know your values and be a lighthouse, not a weathervane) and other such goodness.

“Are you closer right now to where you want to be than you were a half-hour-ago?”

Robert Cooper says you’re only using about 10% of your potential. Eek!

The good news is that he’s got some great ideas about how you can tap into The Other 90%. (HIGHLY recommend the book.)

You might want start by asking yourself: “What’s the most exceptional thing I’ve done this week?!?”

And follow that by asking: “What’s the most exceptional thing I will do next week?!?!”

Seriously. Stop. Get out a pen and paper. Write. It might just change your life. :)

And when you’re done with that, let’s jump into some of his Big Ideas about how we can unlock our vast untapped potential for leadership and life!

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