The Essence of Success

by Earl Nightingale | The Richest Man in Babylon © 2007 · 168 pages

This is basically Earl Nightingale's greatest hits album, er, book. The editors of the book combed through over 700 (!!) hours of Earl's audio programs and pulled out the things he came back to again and again. The book is packed with wisdom. In the Note, we explore how to deal with your worries, the importance of active patience, and finding our second wind as we go from being a rowboat to an ocean liner.

So decide now. What is it you want? Plant your goal in your mind. It’s the most important decision you’ll ever make in your entire life.
Earl Nightingale

“It means asking the questions that are hard to answer: Where am I going? Why am I going there? What do I really want, and why do I want it? Am I gradually realizing my potential? Am I discovering my best talents and abilities and using them to their fullest? Am I living fully extended in my one chance at life on earth? Am I really living? Who am I?

These are the questions everyone must ask himself and answer… So the person who knows what he wants—knows what he must become, and he then fixes his attention on the preparation and development of himself. As he grows toward the ideal he holds in his mind, he finds interest, zest and joy on the journey. He looks forward to tomorrow, but he also enjoys today, for it is the tomorrow he looked forward to yesterday. He knows that if he cannot find meaning and value in the present, he will very likely be missing it in his future. Today is the future of five years ago. Are you enjoying it as much as you thought you would? Have you progressed to the point you wanted then to reach?

These are the questions that make us think.”

~ Earl Nightingale from The Essence of Success

This is the third Note we’ve done on Earl Nightingale.

Just like The Strangest Secret in the World and Lead the Field, this book is a transcription of Nightingale’s talks.

In fact, this little book features the distillation of 720 (!) hours of recordings! It’s kind of like the greatest hits collection. The editors pulled out the themes that Nightingale came back to again and again—ranging from attitude, excellence, and courage to self-esteem, creativity, goal setting, and happiness.

It is truly packed with old-school wisdom.

I’m excited to explore a handful of my favorite Big Ideas so let’s jump straight in!

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