The Buddha in Your Mirror

Practical Buddhism and the Search for Self
by Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin and Ted Morino | Middleway Press © 2001 · 248 pages

Looking for the Buddha? Cruise on over to your mirror and you'll find him (or her). YOU are the Buddha and this book shows us how to realize that fact and live from that awareness. Big Ideas range from rockin' your swan legs and cleaning your face to become who you are truly are.

Buddhism is a beautiful philosophy, but above all, it is about action
Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin, Ted Morino

“This book has the power to change your life. Although it is not, strictly speaking, a self-help book, it includes the most time-honored and effective self-help secrets ever formulated—the all-embracing system of thought that is Buddhism. It is titled The Buddha in Your Mirror because of its most fundamental insight: the Buddha is you. That is, each and every human being contains the inherent capacity to be a Buddha, an ancient Indian word meaning “enlightened one,” or one who is awakened to the eternal and unchanging truth of life.

By tapping our vast inner potential, our Buddha nature, we find unlimited resources of wisdom, courage and compassion. Instead of avoiding or fearing our problems, we learn to confront them with joyful vigor, confident in our ability to surmount whatever life throws in our path.”

~ Woody Hochswender, Greg Martin, Ted Morino from The Buddha in Your Mirror

This is a book about Nichiren Buddhism.

Nichiren was a thirteenth century Japanese Buddhist monk who inspired this super practical form of Buddhism. The core of the Nichiren practice is chanting Nam-myoho-renge-kyo. 12 million people from around the word practice it today.

I was first introduced to Nichiren Buddhism in Alex Lickerman’s great book, The Undefeated Mind (see those Notes). I loved its emphasis on our ability to create an indestructible self capable of rising to all challenges in our lives.

In this Note, we’re going to focus on a handful of my favorite Big Ideas.

Let’s jump straight in!

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Authors of The Buddha in the Mirror

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