The Big Picture

11 Laws That Will Change Your Life
by Tony Horton | HarperWave © 2014 · 240 pages

Tony Horton. If you've done P90X then you both LOVE him and you hate him (for kicking your butt!). Hah! Tony brings the same energy and laughs to this great book featuring his 11 Laws for rockin' it. In the Note, we'll have fun looking at the voices in his head, where he came up with his classic "Do your best and forget the rest!" and other goodness!

My 11 Laws are there for you whenever you need them, like a twenty-four-hour convenience mart, only without the slushies, gray hot dogs, and pork rinds.
Tony Horton

“Will this book change your life?

The information within these pages changed mine. My hope is that you’ll gain some benefit from this hard-won knowledge, too. Give me a few hours of your time and I’ll tell you everything I know to help you become stronger, healthier, happier, and better in every way. And we’re not just going to look at how to change your body; we’re going to look at how to shift your attitude, excel at the things you love (and even the things you don’t), and improve your relationships with your friends, family and world at large. We’re going to look at how you can make your life better by connecting all of these dots and looking at the Big Picture.”

~ Tony Horton from The Big Picture

If you’ve ever done a P90X workout you know (and almost certainly love) Tony Horton!

He brings that same inimitable energy and sense of humor to this great book.

I literally laughed out loud nearly every other page and I got a serious ab workout (and was laughing with tears) reading his story about flying at Mach 8.8 with some fighter jet pilots. (Key lessons there: When we push our Intensity sometimes things are awesome and sometimes they aren’t. Plus: Don’t eat a huge breakfast before going out in a fighter jet. lol.)

The book is also packed with wisdom. Specifically, the 11 Laws of creating a great life. It’s a fun read and a particularly good introduction to self-development if you (or a family member/friend) are new to this stuff. Tony’s super-relatable and straight-forward and likeable.

We’ll start by taking a quick peek at the 11 Laws and then take a quick look at a handful of my favorite Big Ideas. (If you’re feelin’ it, you can get the book here. And visit Tony online here!)

Hope you enjoy and here’s to doing our best and forgetting the rest! :)

(P.S. Where’s my German potato soup?!)

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