How We Can Reach Our Goals
by Heidi Grant Halvorson | Hudson Street Press © 2010 · 288 pages

How’d you like the scientific low-down on how to effectively set goals and succeed? Well, Heidi Grant Halvorson, the young Positive Psychology superstar, gives you the goods in this awesome book. You might be surprised by what you learn. It’s not all about vision boards and visualization (obviously). In the Note, we’ll explore all kinds of Big Ideas, including the fact that we need to have a specific, difficult (but attainable) goal we believe we can achieve AND awareness of all the challenges that stand in our way. Powerful stuff.

All of the work you will read about here sheds light on the most basic processes of human motivation and has been held to the highest standards of research. That’s what makes this book so exceptional.
Carol Dweck

“The important thing is that while achieving your goals is a bit more complicated than just doing “Three Things,” it’s not overly complicated, either. In Part 1 of the book, “Get Ready,” I’ll talk about the key principles of goal-setting that seem to be universally true, whether you’re pursuing goals at work, in relationships, or for self-development. In Part 2, “Get Set,” you’ll learn about the different kinds of goals we set for ourselves, focusing on the few distinctions that seem to matter the most. I’ll show you how to choose the goal that will work best for you personally in your situation. And you’ll learn how to instill the most beneficial goals in your children, students, and employees. In Part 3, “Go,” I’ll take you step by step through the most common reasons why we fail to reach our goals once we’ve started pursuing them. And you’ll learn effective, often simple and easy-to-implement strategies for avoiding these pitfalls in the future.

In the last decade or two, social psychologists have come to know a lot about how goals work. Succeed is my attempt to take that knowledge out of the academic journals and handbooks and spread it around a bit more so that it can do some good.”

~ Heidi Grant Halvorson from Succeed

Heidi Grant Halvorson is one of the world’s leading researchers on goal setting. She’s also funny, smart, and down-to-earth.

Succeed delivers on it’s sub-title, providing a lot of Big Ideas on “How We Can Reach Our Goals.” The book is REALLY (!) good–mixing theory with super-practical, *scientifically* grounded advice.

We’ll barely scratch the surface in this quick Note. It’s one of those books where I wish I had 60 pages instead of 6 pages to share all the goodness. But, alas, that would kind of defeat the purpose, eh? :)

I’m excited to pull out a handful of my favorite Big Ideas that we can start applying today. If you’re feelin’ it, I think you’ll LOVE the book. (Buy it on Amazon here.)

For now, let’s jump in! :)

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Heidi Grant Halvorson

Psychologist who studies the science of motivation and communication.