How It Shapes the Brain, Opens the Imagination, and Invigorates the Soul
by Stuart Brown | Avery © 2010 · 229 pages

Play! Stuart Brown, one of the world's leading play researchers, tells us that it's more important than you may think. We'll take a quick look at why it's so important, why you don't want to be a sea squirt and how to make your life one big sand box while infusing more joy into your life.

The beneficial effects of getting just a little true play can spread through our lives, actually making us more productive and happier in everything we do.
Stuart Brown

“I have spent a career studying play, communicating the science of play to the public, and consulting Fortune 500 companies on how to incorporate it into business. I have used play therapies to help people who are clinically depressed. I frequently talk with groups of parents who inevitably are concerned and conflicted about what constitutes healthy play for their kids. I have gathered and analyzed thousands of case studies that I call play histories. I have found that remembering what play is all about and making it a part of our daily lives are probably the most important factors in being a fulfilled human being. The ability to play is critical not only to being happy, but also to sustaining social relationships and being a creative, innovative person. . . .

Ultimately, this book is about understanding the role of play and using it to find and express our own core truths. It is about learning to harness a force that has been built into us through millions of years of evolution, a force that allows us to both discover our most essential selves and enlarge our world. We are designed to find fulfilment and creative growth through play.”

~ Stuart Brown, M.D. from Play


It’s an essential part of optimal living.

In fact, Stuart Brown, M.D., goes so far as to say that “remembering what play is all about and making it a part of our daily lives are probably the most important factors in being a fulfilled human being.”

That’s a strong statement.

And, the good doctor walks us through the compelling evidence of why it’s true. The book is a quick, fun read. (Get the book here!)

In this Note, we’ll take a quick look at the what’s and whys of play along with some practical Big Ideas we can apply to our life today. I hope you enjoy.

Let’s jump straight in!

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