Perfectly Yourself

9 Lessons for Enduring Happiness
by Matthew Kelly | Ballantine Books © 2006 · 222 pages

How'd you like to be perfectly yourself? In this great book, Matthew Kelly shows us how to become the-best-possible-version-of-yourself by doing the next right thing, making virtue our goal, building discipline, simplifying and finding ways to serve!

Regardless of what area of your life you would like to transform, I want to show you how we bridge the gap between our desire for change and actually creating real and sustainable change in our lives.
Matthew Kelly

“Whether we are dealing with the area of health and well-being, relationships, finances, career, or spirituality, people want to advance. We have an enormous desire to grow and change and improve ourselves. So why don’t we? I hear you ask. What’s the problem? Why is it that so many of us seem unable to transform resolutions into habits.

This book is about learning a new way.

The reason most of us fail to achieve real and sustainable change in our lives is because we focus too much on the desired outcome and not enough on the progress we are making. It is important to establish goals, but they can often seem overwhelming and impossible. If we can condition ourselves to focus on the progress we are making, our advances will encourage us to persevere in achieving our goals and dreams. It is when we lose sight of our progress that we become discouraged, and it is discouragement that often lands us back in our old self-defeating habits and self-destructive behaviors.”

~ Matthew Kelly from Perfectly Yourself

How’d you like to be Perfectly Yourself?

That (as you might have guessed from the title!) is what this book is all about.

Yesterday I created a Note on another one of Matthew Kelly’s great books, The Rhythm of Life.

I love his commitment to character + virtues-based living. And the fact that all his work points back to helping us become the-best-version-of-ourselves. (Plus, he’s a great story teller.)

Matthew is also a passionate Catholic (check out his site: Although I am not a practicing Catholic, I went to Catholic school for twelve years and I find a nice kinship with him. Whatever your religious orientation, I think you’ll dig the book. You can get it here.

As always, this book is packed with goodness. I’m excited to explore a handful of my favorite Big Ideas so let’s jump in!

We’ll start with a quick peek at those 9 Lessons for Enduring Happiness.

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