Harmonic Wealth

The Secret of Attracting the Life You Want
by James Arthur Ray | Hyperion © 2008 · 288 pages

I really enjoyed this book when I read it and I was saddened by the tragic events at one of James Arthur Ray’s events years later. We’ve kept this Note in our collection because a) the Ideas in the book are great and b) I think it’s important to never (!) put anyone into an absolute guru position while ALWAYS (!) trusting ourselves as our primary teachers.

“Maybe you know people who make millions of dollars a year but don’t have fulfilling relationships or good health. Or people who spend their lives committed to religion or spirituality, literally touching the divine, but have holes in their shoes. We all know people who have razor-sharp intellects but are out of shape and out of touch. There’s a much more integrated, fulfilling way to live: I call it Harmonic Wealth.”

~ James Arthur Ray from Harmonic Wealth

James Arthur Ray is a funny dood. I love laughing out loud reading a book on how to live my greatest life. :)

You might remember James from The Secret or his time on Larry King and/or Oprah. He’s the son of a Protestant minister and former top sales trainer at AT&T who’s done a whole lotta exploring—from quantum physics to shamanism. Super passionate guy with a cool look at how we can rock it.

Harmonic Wealth is all about harmonizing the “Five Pillars of Wealth”: Financial, Relational, Mental, Physical and Spiritual.

The book is packed with Big Ideas.

We’re gonna kick this party off with a look at the Five Pillars of Harmonic Wealth then we’ll explore how to “Go 3 for 3,” meet ceiling surfers (don’t be one, please :), learn from the strong grapes that make fine wines and have fun with other such goodness. :)

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About the author


James Arthur Ray

NYT Bestselling Author, Philosopher, Inc. 500 Inductee, Business Leadership, Independent Thinking, and Culture Change Consultant.