#1129 Your Secret Weapon

Thank You, Epictetus and Hermes

In our last +1, we had some fun making our Heroic virtue compass.

Recall the four cardinal points correspond with our four cardinal virtues.

At the top, pointing North, we have Wisdom.
At the bottom, pointing South, we have Self-Mastery.
At the left, pointing West, we have Courage.
At the right, pointing East, we have Love.

Then we blended the adjacent cardinal virtues to get our sub-virtue compass points:

Wisdom + Courage = Hope.
Wisdom + Love = Gratitude.
Self-Mastery + Love = Curiosity.
Self-Mastery + Courage = Zest.

Note: We’re working on creating an actual compass we can share. I want one in my pocket and on my desk at all times. 🤓


That’s our compass.

In our Module on Hero-ology, we also chatted about how to create other supplies for our heroic quests including a Healing Balm, Hero Pills, a Secret Weapon, a Hope Map and Hero Bars (much more nutritious than Idiot Bars).

Today we’re going to talk about that Secret Weapon.

It’s a magic wand.

You know what it can do?


Let’s invite Epictetus to the party.

He tells us: “This is Hermes’ magic wand: touch it to anything you like, they say, and the wand will turn it to gold. Not so; bring anything you like, rather, and I’ll make it something good. Bring disease, bring death, bring poverty, bring insults, bring punishment for high crimes—all these things will be made beneficial by Hermes’ magic wand.

Imagine having a magic wand with THOSE powers.

Ward Farnsworth actually shares that passage in his great book The Practicing Stoic.

Right after he shares that gem from Epictetus, he shares this one from Marcus Aurelius (the same passage that Ryan Holiday used as the inspiration for his book The Obstacle Is the Way): “The mind turns around every hindrance to its activity and converts it to further its purpose. The impediment to action becomes part of the action; the obstacle in our way becomes the way forward.

That’s Today’s +1.

Here’s your magic wand.

Use it to turn everything into fuel for your growth.


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