#448 Your New Taste Buds

Just Give ‘em 2 Weeks

Pop quiz today!

Question: Do you know how long it takes for you to grow new taste buds?

Whaddya think?


Answer: Two weeks. That’s it.

You’ll have completely different taste buds two weeks from today.

Which is good news. If you’re thinking about eliminating sugar and processed food from your diet (good idea!) but worried about stuff tasting bland, remember this gem from Susan Pierce Thompson’s Bright Line Eating: “Every cell in your taste buds dies and is replaced by a brand-new taste bud cell every two weeks, so as you detox, your taste buds will be going through their own evolution, and in very short order your food will taste AMAZING.”

That’s all for today.

Well, that and this: Got any food that needs to go?

Kick it out and let your taste buds evolve!

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