#871 Your Money

Or Your Life (Which Will It Be?)

Imagine for a moment (if you’re open to it, of course) that someone just put a gun to your head and said: “YOUR MONEY OR YOUR LIFE!!!”

You’d give them the money, right?



In her bestselling book, Your Money or Your Life, Vicki Robin tells us that we may want to step back and run that scene through our minds one more time—this time from the perspective of all that life energy we’re giving away to making and spending money in what often proves to be pretty sub-optimal ways.

Vicki’s book was a bestseller when she published it 25 years ago. She was on Oprah and all that jazz.

Twenty-five years later, her book has become the #1 must-read, go-to guide for the growing FIRE movement—which we’ll be talking about more soon.

For now, how’s your relationship with your money?

We haven’t talked about it much yet but, well, it’s time. 🤓

Here’s to Optimizing your money AND your life.

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