#1773 Your Kryptonite = ?

Get EXCITED As You Identify and Eliminate It!

In our last couple +1s (here and here), we’ve been squeezing the win-or-learn juice out of a recent poor chess performance.

As I was working on that last +1, Emerson came back into my office to tell me how Mommy wants to spend her birthday this week.

Hint: That will involve going off the normal food menu. 😲

HAH! Perfect.

We have bright lines to know when to cross them and when NOT to cross them! 🤓


I had the last +1 open on my screen and I asked Emerson to read that passage on losing by Chess Grandmaster Maurice Ashley.

He read it out loud. It was awesome.


In a chapter called “Losing (Because You Will),” Grandmaster Maurice Ashley tells us…

“No one likes to lose. Yet how we handle our losses is one of the most powerful measures of our eventual success. Those who react badly after a loss, who pout, kick, scream, and throw things, generally get no benefit from the experience.”

He continues by saying: “The late, great Kobe Bryant was once asked, ‘What does losing feel like to you?’ His reply: ‘It’s exciting . . . because it means you have different ways to get better. There’s certain weaknesses that were exposed that you need to shore up. . . . It sucks to lose, but at the same time the answers are there if you just look at them.’”


One more quick Win-or-Learn distinction then we’ll carry on…

(Note: I’m deliberately repeating myself here because learning how to take “Win or Learn!” off the bumper sticker and make it a weapon in your armamentarium is REALLY (!!!) (REALLY!!!) important—for you AND your kids and colleagues, etc!)


After Emerson and I chatted about the impact of his nutrition choices on his chess performance, I asked him…

Me: “You know Superman?”

E: “Yah.”

Me: “Well, you know what happens when he gets exposed to KRYPTONITE?”

E: “Yah.”

Me: “What happens?”

E: “He loses all his power.”

Me: “Exactly. Isn’t that fascinating? Kinda like what just happened to you, huh?”


E with big eyes and enthusiasm: “YES!”

Me: “We should probably avoid kryptonite before the next tournament, eh? 😉 “

E: “Haha! YES!!!”

Today’s +1…

Have any sub-optimal performances lately?

Of course you have, you’re human.

Got any kryptonites in your life?

Of course you do, you’re human.



MAKE THE CONNECTION between how you perform when you’re following your protocol and how you perform when you go off the rails a bit.


Get even more excited as you…

Flip the switch.

Eliminate the kryptonites.

And give us all you’ve got.


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