#112 Your Best Possible Self

Science Says: This Is a Powerful Way to Boost Your Optimism

In The How of Happiness, Sonja Lyubomirsky tells us that one of the most scientifically-robust ways to boost your optimism is to take 20-30 minutes and do what she calls a “Best Possible Selves” journaling exercise.

Here it is:

Imagine your life one, five or ten years from now. “Visualize a future for yourself in which everything has turned out the way you’ve wanted. You have tried your best, worked hard, and achieved all your goals. Now write down what you imagine.”

Today’s +1: Let’s do that. (Even if it’s just for 2-3 minutes and not 20-30.)

What’s your life look like in that Best Possible version of your life?

Sonja tells us that doing an exercise like that is kinda like hitting the gym for your optimism muscles. Even if it doesn’t come naturally at first, show up. Put in the work and get those optimism muscles stronger!

High fives to you and your Best Possible Self.

btw: That best-self diary is one of the most robust ways to boost your hope and optimism. In The Myths of Happiness, Sonja tells us that THE most robust way to boost it is to journal daily—reflecting on your hopes and dreams and plans to achieve them. So… You journal lately?

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