#581 You, Odysseus, Emerson & Icarus

The Pages Left in Your Hero’s Journey

A couple nights ago Emerson and I finished reading The Neverending Story together. Wonderful story but, man! I might’ve wondered if that book was ever going to end! 😲 (Laughing.) (Seriously.)

Emerson and I have now officially hammered our way through the Harry Potter series, the Chronicles of Narnia and a bunch of other books. (Go Deep Love Time Blocks!)

We also did all 50-something of the books in Mary Pope Osborne’s awesome Magic Tree House series back in the day. Alexandra just got us her Tales from the Odyssey so we decided to start on that next.


Here’s the quick recap of the beginning of the Odyssey: Odysseus reluctantly goes to war, spends TEN years at the gates of Troy before Athena gives him the idea to use the Trojan Horse. That ploy works and he finally (!) sets sail for home.

I then read the final words of the chapter that will be the final words of our reading for the night: “As a strong wind carried Odysseus and his twelve sleek ships away from the shores of Troy, he was jubilant. He imagined all of Ithaca rejoicing over his victorious return. He imagined himself soon embracing his beloved wife and son, and his parents. Never had he felt so hopeful and happy.”

To which Emerson replies: “Well, THAT’s not going to happen!”

To which I laugh out loud and say: “Really?! Why not?”

To which he replies (while pointing at all the pages left in the book): “There’s too much book left!! He needs to have way more adventures!!”

To which I reply: “You’re absolutely right, buddy. A good hero’s journey has lots of adventures and challenges, eh?”

We then headed downstairs to spend some time hanging out with mom and Eleanor before everyone went to bed. (Mom got a kick out of that story as well. 🤣)

That’s Today’s +1.

How’s your hero’s journey going?

Here’s to remembering that it’s SUPPOSED to be challenging.

I’m reminded of a gem from Seth Godin’s take on another ancient Greek myth. In The Icarus Deception, he tells us: “If you become someone who is uncomfortable unless she is creating change, restless if things are standing still, and disappointed if you haven’t failed recently, you’ve figured out how to become comfortable with the behaviors most likely to make you safe going forward.”

Yep. That’s about it.

Let’s look at all the pages left in our epic stories and rub our hands together as we get ready for all the exciting adventures ahead!

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