#210 You + Michelangelo + Your Potential

What’s in the Way of You Being Your Best?

Legend has it that when Michelangelo stepped up to a block of marble, he could see the finished statue in his mind’s eye.

His job was simple: Get rid of what was in the way.

That’s a pretty powerful image. Let’s apply it to our lives.

Step back from your current life for a moment. Fast-forward 5-10 years. Look within the block of marble that is you and your potential.

SEE the best version of you sitting within that block of marble.

Can you see it? You at your best.


What’s in the way of you expressing that heroic version of you more and more consistently?

What little habits do we need to chip away at to reveal the most beautiful version of you hidden within that marble?

And, what’s the one little habit we’re going to let go of today to reveal just a little more of the awesome?

Fantastic. Here’s a chisel. Let’s do this!

How? +1. +1. +1.