#542 You and Houdini

Slipping Out of Psychological Knots

According to Wikipedia, Harry Houdini “was a Hungarian-born American illusionist and stunt performer, noted for his sensational escape acts.”

According to my coach Phil Stutz, we want to be like him when we find ourselves stuck in psychological knots.

As we’ve discussed, one of Phil’s big things is “catching turnarounds.” In our coaching sessions, he’s constantly reminding me about the importance of noticing when we have a “glitch” in our lives and then having fun seeing how fast we can “turn it around” and get back to being the best version of ourselves.

Phil calls that the ULTIMATE creative act. We can dramatically speed up our evolution when we really commit to practicing our tools to turn those glitches around as fast as we can.

In a recent chat, he told me to be like Harry Houdini and just slip right out of any psychological knots I might be experiencing.

I love that.

Imagine Harry Houdini getting all tied up in ropes. Then just magically slipping out of it!

Actually. Don’t imagine it.

Watch this sweet 30-second clip of Houdini slipping out of a rope in a silent movie he created around 1920.

THAT’s how we want to slip out of any mental ropes that might have us all tied up.

You need to tip yourself over and crash your chair? Fantastic. Whatever it takes. 🤣

Today’s +1. Make it a game. Notice the next time you get all tied up in a psychological knot.

Then think of Houdini.

And do what it takes to slip right out.

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