#538 Working: Hard and Smart

How to Win Life’s Tournament

In our last +1, we talked about the renowned sports psychologist Bob Rotella and some wisdom from his great book How Champions Think.

Let’s hang out with Dr. Rotella a little longer and tap into his treasure trove of wisdom. Here’s another Big Idea.

He tells us that, as we all know, reaching an elite level of performance requires hard work.

But, as he tells his golfers, we need to remember that they don’t hand out the winner’s trophy (and check!) to the guy (or gal) who took the most practice putts. (Hah.)

Moral of the story: Hard work only gets you so far.

It’s a necessary but not sufficient ingredient to success.

We need to combine that hard work with SMART work. We need to identify what it takes to be a champion at whatever it is we do and then master THAT.


Today’s +1.

Are you working hard?


Are you working SMART?

What’s one little thing you can do to Optimize each of those facets today?

Here’s to working hard AND smart.

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