#271 WIG vs. Whirlwind

Which One Wins?

Continuing our Productivity 101 theme, here’s another gem from the 4DX guys.

Recall that the first discipline of execution is to know your WILDLY Important Goal (WIG). It all starts with that clear, super-inspiring target. (You got yours yet?)

With clarity on what really matters, we need the courage to say “YES!” to that goal. And, of course, we need the clarity and courage to say “No!!!” to the other potential ideas. As Peter Drucker says, there will ALWAYS be more good opportunities than the time to pursue them so we’ve gotta get really good at saying no. (As Stephen Covey says, politely yet unapologetically.)

So, let’s assume you’ve got your WIG. Fantastic. High fives. Let’s do this.

Enter: Reality.

The fact is, you’ve still got your life to live and the rest of your business to run. You can’t spend ALL your time exclusively in pursuit of that WIG.

The 4DX guys tells us that all the other work stuff is kinda like a “whirlwind.” If we’re not careful, that whirlwind can suck us into its vortex and never let us out.

Couple important things to note about this whirlwind.

Whereas we often fight dragons as we make big heroic decisions to go after our WIG, the whirlwind is more like a cloud of GNATS than a thunder of dragons. The whirlwind is full of little things that can nibble or paper cut you to death one tiny thing at a time.

How do we deal with the whirlwind? Well, first step is to be aware that it exists. Step two is to make sure you’re REALLY fired up about your WIG. Step three is to systematically eliminate the gnat-like distractions that are not absolutely necessary.

And, if you’re like me and truly committed to doing great things, then I think you MUST put in some Deep Work on your WIG before you step into that whirlwind. You’re creative before you’re reactive. Every. Single. Day.

So… Today’s +1. What’s your whirlwind look like? What one little thing has gotta go?

Let’s spray some WIG-sauce on that cloud of gnats!