#1024 WHtR ← Waist to Height Ratio

How’s Yours? (<.5 Here We Come!)

In our last +1, we talked about the fact that, as per Robert Lustig’s Fat Chance, our visceral fat (aka abdominal/”big belly” fat) is “the fulcrum on which your health teeters.

He tells us that more than 40 inches for men and 35 inches for women is a likely indicator of visceral fat.


Research is showing that there’s an even more powerful predictor of morbidity than a simple waist circumference measure: It’s called the waist-to-height ratio or WHtR. (Check out this academic paper for more detail.)

The optimal ratio between your WAIST and your HEIGHT?


For example, I’m 6 feet tall. That’s 72 inches. My waist can be up to 36 inches to pass the <.5 test. It’s 32 or so.

Today’s +1.

Another private question: How’s your WHtR?

Check out our Notes on The Official Bright Line Eating Cookbook where I kinda go off on why I think this <.5 WHtR target is so important and how to rock it (and why we’ve made this a target-standard for our Heroic Coach program) .

For now, let’s know a) that this is important and b) that, whatever challenges you’re facing, you can (!) Optimize this.

+1 +1 +1 all the way to <.5. <.5. <.5.

P.S. Here’s how Frank Iryami, another inspiring radiant exemplar from our Coach program, shares his experience Optimizing his WHtR and approaching the .5:

There are so many ways that the program has made a difference in my life. Probably the most noticeable changes have been in the energy area. I have lost 25lbs this year and I am at a weight I never thought I’d ever see again on the scale. My cholesterol numbers are pristine and I’m on the verge of the waist to height ratio being .5.

Specifically the movement stuff really resonated with me, being a ‘perpetual motion machine’ is something that I have put into practice and I love tracking activity. Also, the time spent on not having to red line our exercise (a la Maffetone), resonated big time.

Applying the eating/moving/sleeping tools have changed my life. Friends and family have been asking me “hey man… what are you doing… you look great”

Brian/Michael and team—I can go on and on forever, I am now in the process of WOOPing out starting a coaching practice. Michael has been super inspiring on this.

Here is something else which permeates not only the Coach program, but all the +1’s/101’s and PN’s—there is an authenticity that is tough to find anywhere else. You get the 1000% feeling that you guys actually practice what you preach, which is inspiring!!

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