#759 Whineysaurus Part X

Got a Name for That Whiney Guy/Gal Within?

Not too long ago, we talked about The Mystery of the Hairy Fingers. That +1 featured the prickly little guys that got lodged in Emerson’s hand after a little slip on the Trail and ended with us laughing about it all.

Today we’re going to talk about another adventure on the Trail featuring Emerson and me. This adventure features a couple of slips and a mysterious creature and more laughter.

First, quick context: Over the years, we’ve had fun at the Johnson house naming that little part of us that likes to whine and complain. We often call him Whineysaurus Rex. By naming it, we often laugh and tame it. (Other times, of course, Rex runs the show and nobody’s laughing until considerably later. lol.)

So, Emerson and I are on the Trail. Although it’s been way too long since we’ve been out and still need to bake it into a consistent routine, he’s rocking it.

One awesome lady celebrated his pace by saying her 10- and 11-year-olds wouldn’t have been able to keep up.

We’re having a blast.

Then comes a little slip and some scratches. Then he’s thirsty but we don’t have water. Then another pretty good little slip and scratches.

Enter: Our mystery creature: Whineysaurus Rex.

Only this time we decided to call him “Whineysaurus Part X.”

Quick context on that: As we’ve discussed, Phil Stutz is not only my Yoda but my Honorary Godfather. That makes him Emerson’s Honorary Godgrandfather.

As we discussed in our +1 on Phil Stutz and Barry Michel’s distinction between our “Dreamer and Doer,” they say that there’s an eternal battle going on within us between the best version of us and the not-so-great version of us. They came up with a name for that part of us that’s constantly getting in the way: “Part X.”

As a good Godgrandson, Emerson has fun noting when Part X starts running the show.

Now… Back to the Trail.

As we’re wrapping up the hike and reflecting on all the ways we can Optimize for our next hike (new shoes, water bottle, bandaids just in case, etc.), we laughed about Whineysaurus Part X showing up and how we’re going to leave him on the mountain as we enjoy the rest of our day.

All of which leads us to the point of Today’s +1.

You (and/or your kids/family/colleagues/etc.) ever have that whiney voice show up?

OF COURSE YOU DO! You’re human. (lol)

Got a name for that whiney guy or gal?

If you feel so inspired, perhaps we can all laugh a little more (and more quickly!) when Whineysaurus Part X roles into town! 🦖 🤓 🦖

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