#1500 What Is Metabolism?

The One-Sentence Answer

In our last few +1s, we’ve been talking about my ALL-TIME #1 RECOMMENDED BOOK and THE MOST IMPORTANT INTERVIEW I’ve ever done.

If you missed those memos, check out our Notes on Brain Energy and this interview I did with Harvard psychiatrist Chris Palmer, MD.

If you or a loved one has EVER struggled with psychological issues, in my opinion, those Notes and THAT BOOK is what you want to read.

Dr. Palmer’s central thesis is simple: “Mental disorders—all of them—are metabolic disorders of the brain.”

Assuming that’s true (he makes a VERY compelling case for it in the book), that begs a couple questions.

First, what’s metabolism?

Second, how do we optimize it?

We’ll hit the metabolism question today and the how we optimize it question tomorrow.

Dr. Palmer tells us: “A one-sentence definition [of metabolism] might be the following: Metabolism is the process of turning food into energy or building blocks for growing and maintaining cells, as well as the appropriate and efficient management of waste products. Metabolism is how our cells work. … Many biological authorities would say that metabolism defines life itself.”

In Part I of his book, Dr. Palmer focuses on “Connecting the Dots” as he establishes the fact that what we’re doing isn’t working, looks at the causes of mental illnesses, searches for a common pathway and asks the question: “Could It All Be Related?”

In Part II, he answers that question with a definitive YES as he lays out his “Brain Energy” theory, establishing the idea that “Mental Disorders Are Metabolic Disorders” while introducing us to how our metabolism works and the little organelles known as mitochondria that are the engines of our metabolism.

Know this: “The drivers of human cells, and human metabolism, are called mitochondria. And they are the common pathway to mental and metabolic disorders.”

With the theoretical framework established, Palmer moves on to Part III on “Causes and Solutions” in which he identifies NINE “contributing causes” and their solutions including: Genetics and Epigenetics; Chemical Imbalances, Neurotransmitters, and Medications; Hormones and Metabolic Regulators; Inflammation; Sleep, Light, and Circadian Rhythms; Food, Fasting, and Your Gut; Drugs and Alcohol; Physical Activity; and Love, Adversity, and Purpose in Life.

We’ll explore THREE powerful ways to optimize our metabolism in the next few +1s.

For now…

Know this: “As we embrace the idea that mental disorders are no longer syndromes but metabolic disorders of the brain, new solutions become obvious. We need to restore brain energy by normalizing metabolism and the function of mitochondria. Once we do this, the symptoms of mental illness will begin to resolve.”

Today’s +1.

What’s ONE thing you KNOW you could be doing to optimize YOUR metabolism?

Today a good day to get on that?

Day 1. ALL IN.

Let’s go.

P.S. Who’s ONE person you KNOW could benefit from learning more about this wisdom? Here’s a link to the PDF of the Note and the interview if you want to share. 🙏

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