#1618 Areté +1° #80: Victim vs. Hero

What Will It Be?

Hi, this is Brian.

Welcome back to another Areté +1°, one of 451 micro-chapters from Areté: Activate Your Heroic Potential, organized around the seven Objectives of our Heroic Coach training program.


Not too long ago, we had a little chat about “The Dojo Decision” in which I challenged you to consider whether you’re “going through the motions” or “going for mastery.”

As we discussed, there’s a BIG difference in how we approach life when we’re ALL IN on being our best.

We also talked about The Choice of Hercules—and his decision to follow the Goddess of Virtue (Areté!) rather than the Goddess of Vice dressed up as Happiness.

Know this: Those decisions and choices aren’t a “make it once and you’re done forever” kinda thing.

We’re CONSTANTLY being asked by life how we’re going to show up and we need to CONSTANTLY recommit to being our best selves OVER and OVER and OVER again.

Which leads us to the ultimate choice we’re going to make…

Are we going to be victims or are we going to be heroes?

Because, to state the obvious, the world has way more than enough victims complaining (and blaming and criticizing) and is in desperate need of more heroes who refuse to give up their last and ultimate freedom to choose to show up as powerfully as they can in the face of life’s adversity.


What will it be: Victim or Hero?

THAT is the ultimate question.

And, again, this is not an “I’m a HERO!!!” one-and-done kinda thing.

It’s a moment to moment to moment all day every day kinda thing.

How do we make the shift from victim to hero?

One simple question will do the trick.

That’s the focus of our next +1°.

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