#76 Victim vs. Creator

Two Questions: "Why Me?" vs. "What Do I Want?"

David Emerald wrote a great book called The Power of TED*.

In it, he makes the distinction between being a Victim vs. being a Creator.

The Victim walks around complaining about everything and asking unhelpful things like, “Why is this happening?” and “Why me?”

The Creator? The Creator knows that complaining and criticizing are useless. So, instead of saying “Why me?” (with the whiney voice), they ask, “What do I want?”

That’s always the fastest way to move from feeling disempowered to feeling SUPER empowered.

“What do I want?”

Not, “What’s wrong with this situation?” Or even worse, “What’s wrong with ME?”



So, Today’s +1.

Two things:

1. High-level: What do you want? If you could wave that wand and create your ideal life, WHAT WOULD IT LOOK LIKE? Seriously. What do you want?

2. Micro-level: If you feel stuck at any point today and find yourself complaining like a Victim, ask yourself “What do I want?” Have fun seeing how fast you can move from Victim to Creator!