#99 Time Affluence

It’s a Better Predictor of Your Well-Being than Financial Affluence

Having enough money to take care of your basic needs is an important variable in constructing an optimal life. And, of course, nice things are nice.


Research shows that after a certain level of basic financial well-being, there’s a diminishing returns where more money doesn’t necessarily make you happier.

You know what kind of affluence DOES really strongly predict your level of well-being?

TIME affluence.

A sense that you have enough time to do the things you need to do and to enjoy the process.

Ironically, chasing more and more material symbols of affluence often erodes our TIME affluence. We’re making a really bad trade if the ultimate currency we’re after is happiness. (Which, of course, it is.)


Spotlight on you:

Part I: Are you spending a lot of time and money trying to acquire things you don’t really need?

Are you trading some of your precious time affluence on less-than-precious stuff?

See any ways you can +1 that?


Part II: Are you simply wasting time on nonsense? You know—all those meaningless TV shows and news feeds and countless other distractions? If so, you’re squandering your time affluence. Want a cure? As you engage in those time wasting activities, imagine burning $100 bills of Time to rid yourself of that problem. (Hah.)


Where’s one little place you’re wasting time?

Let’s put that time back into your life’s overall affluence bank.

+1. +1. +1.

Here’s to your time affluence!!!

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