#336 Threat vs. Challenge

How to You Respond to Life’s Stressors? (It Matters!)

In our last +1, we met our telomeres and learned how important they are in protecting our chromosomes so they can do their job and keep us nice and healthy. (Recall that they’re kinda like the end caps on our shoelaces and the offensive linemen that protect our quarterbacks!)

Today, we’re going to focus on Elizabeth Blackburn and Elissa Epel’s #1 tip on how to lengthen our telomeres and, as a result, lengthen our Healthspan.

Their #1 tip? Learn how to respond to life’s stressors more powerfully.

Obviously, we ALL have stress in our lives. As we’ve discussed many times, it’s how we choose to respond to it that matters.

In short, science says: We want to perceive the stressors in our lives as CHALLENGES not as threats.

Elizabeth and Elissa tell us: “Feeling threatened is not the only way to respond to stress. It’s also possible to feel a sense of challenge. People with a challenge response may feel anxious and nervous during a lab stressor test, but they also feel excited and energized. They have a ‘bring it on!’ mentality.”

I actually read that passage out loud to my Coach Phil Stutz and we laughed out loud together because it so closely parallels his #1 Tool which is, basically, all about how to deal with stress in our lives.

He tells us that when we face a challenging situation, we need to tell ourselves, “Bring it on!!” — knowing that our infinite potential exists just on the other side of our comfort zone.

And, now we know that “Bring it on!” response actually lengthens your telomeres.


Today’s +1. Anything stressing you out these days?

Say it with me now: “BRING IT ON!!!”

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