#1741 The Turnaround Game

Complain Less, Celebrate More

Alexandra loves to create challenges for our Heroic community.

She creates these 30-Day Games in which she and members of our community get together and challenge one another to dominate a particular facet of their lives.

For example, she’s done games on optimizing your energy, simplifying your life, and activating your Heroic potential.

People love them.

We were just chatting about her newest 30-Day Challenge.

It’s called “Complain Less, Celebrate More.

It’s inspired by Will Bowen’s Complaint Free World book in which he challenges people to go 21 days without complaining, criticizing, or gossiping.

He has people start the challenge by wearing a wristband on one wrist then he has you move it to the other wrist every time you complain, criticize, or gossip.

Millions of people have participated, including me and Alexandra.


We did forever ago and…

Neither of us ever got past 10 days.



As Alexandra was creating the rules for her new game, she wanted to make it so people were challenged but could WIN.

Here’s what she came up with…

Every single time you criticize someone, complain about someone or something, and/or gossip about someone…

NOTICE that you’re doing it—which, to be clear, is ALWAYS the hardest and most important first step.


Rather than ignoring the fact you’re doing something you KNOW you really don’t want to be doing then simply continue doing it…

See if you can TURN IT AROUND.

See if you can go from COMPLAINING about someone to CELEBRATING that person.

For example…

Let’s say that you think someone is super messy—maybe they leave the breadcrumbs out on the kitchen counter and that annoys you or they leave the dishes in the sink or they rip the toilet paper roll off the little handle and send it flying across the bathroom floor.


Use that as a trigger to CELEBRATE something about them.

Know this…

That’s a GREAT way to operationalize Phil Stutz’s idea of “catching turnarounds.”

As we’ve discussed, he tells us that THE most creative act in the universe is being able to “turn a glitch” into a moment to practice your philosophy.

We want to have fun (!) seeing just how fast we can do that.

All day every day.



P.S. Learn more about the game via this hashtag #complainlesscelebratemore.

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