#1151 The S → R Game

Old Stimulus → New Response

As we’ve discussed many times, Habit #1 of Stephen Covey’s Highly Effective People is…


Can you guess it?

* Cue Jeopardy Music *

“What is, ‘Be Proactive,’ Alex?”


Covey and all the great teachers tell us that THE most essential skill is to be able to respond optimally to any given situation.

Viktor Frankl tells us that it’s in that gap between stimulus and response where we’ll find our ultimate freedom.

I like to call that “response-ability.”

Today we’re going to talk about a little game we can play to Optimize our ability to respond optimally.

Step 1. Pick a stimulus that might currently annoy you—a stimulus that needs a little work as it leads to a sub-optimal response.

For example, perhaps it’s LEGOs on the ground throughout the house. (Ahem.) (Just throwing it out there as a possibility, folks!) (lol)

Now, that OLD Stimulus might create a Response that’s sub-optimal.


What if we can deliberately swap out that poor Response for an awesome one?

Same old Stimulus, new Response.

For example, old stimulus of LEGOs everywhere COULD become a trigger for deeply appreciating our kids’ creativity and playful spirit, eh?

Yep. It sure could.

Old Stimulus → New Response.

That’s Today’s +1.

What’s YOUR “needs work” Stimulus?


How can you Optimize your Response?

Let’s have fun with that.


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