#1402 The Pickax

Releasing Spiritual Strength

Not too long ago, we spent some time hanging out with Steve Jobs’ guru, Yogananda.

As you may recall, we spent some time learning about what to do with ghosts, how to deal with failure, and Fighter A and Fighter B.

Today we’re going to spend some more time with one of the twentieth century’s most practical spiritual teachers.

In Living Fearlessly, Yogananda tells us: “When you are passing through the difficulties and tests of life, you usually become rebellious: ‘Why should this happen to me?’ Instead, you should think of every trial as a pickax with which to dig into the soil of your consciousness and release the fountain of spiritual strength that lies within. Each test should bring out the hidden power that is within you as a child of God, made in His image.”

He continues by saying: “Our tests are not meant to destroy us. Only those who are cowards, and who don’t acknowledge the all-perfect image of God within, become rebellious and surrender to their trials as though those tests were unconquerable destructive forces.”

Pop quiz time…

What do YOU do when you are “passing through the difficulties and tests of life”?

Do you complain and whine and act like it shouldn’t be happening?


We all do more than we’d like to admit.

In those moments, let’s remember Yogananda’s wisdom and Rule #1 of a noble, Heroic quest:


btw: Isn’t that a nice, warm and fuzzy thing to say?

It’s so obvious there in ALL CAPS BOLD on the page, eh?

The trick, of course, is to remember this wisdom RIGHT in the moment when the fear arises and our Resistance to reality creeps in.

Then, with that fear as our prompt/trigger/cue to PRACTICE OUR PHILOSOPHY, it’s time to move from Theory to Practice to MASTERY as we use every tool at our disposal as we step forward and do what we’re here to do.

Let’s do that.


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