#1014 The Heroic Coach Diploma

Want One? Come and Get It!

As you may have noticed (ahem and hah!), I’m super fired up about the launch of our 2020 Mastery Series and Heroic Coach certification programs.

We’ve chatted a bit about the Mastery Series side of things—featuring the “Start here!” program that distills all the +1s and PNs into a super-practical framework plus the Soul Force Forge Tuesdays to help you operationalize virtue and close the gap between who you’re capable of being and who you’re actually being so you can live with more edaimonic joy as you give the world all you’ve got.


We haven’t chatted that much about the Heroic Coach certification program side of things.

The basic idea of that program?


There are three essential components.

First, and most importantly, there’s Client #0.

That would be YOU.

We believe that THE #1 most important thing we can do as aspiring Coaches (and parents and colleagues and, well, humans) is to become RADIANT EXEMPLARS of what a life of deeper integrity and operationalized virtue looks like.


To become a Heroic Coach you need to actually DO all the stuff we talk about in the Mastery Series and demonstrate the fact that you’ve gone from Theory to Practice to Mastery in your Energy + Work + Love.

With that solid base, we also help you develop your actual Coaching Skills while mastering the Heroic Coaching protocol and we help you build your Coaching Business as well. (More on all the details here.)



It ALL starts with (and always comes back to!) us actually being RADIANT EXEMPLARS.

Today, I thought it would be fun to share the diploma our Coaches receive upon graduation from our 10-month program.

(Note: Graduation weekend features a Spartan Race we all do together. Over 500 of our first class of Coaches made it out to LA for our first graduation weekend last month. It was E P I C. Watch a fun little video on THAT awesomeness here.)

Drumroll please.

Here’s the diploma our Heroic Coaches get at graduation…

Having demonstrated a commitment to areté through the mastery of ancient wisdom, modern science, and the fundamentals of Heroic living—both in their own life and in service to others—let it be known that


is hereby recognized as a Certified Heroic Coach and granted all privileges thereunto appertaining, for as long as they continue to demonstrate their commitment through practice.

In witness whereof, we hereby commit to do our best to operationalize virtue and live with areté, honoring the fundamentals and striving to be our Optimize = Optimus = Best = Eudaimōn = Hērō selves in Energy, Work, and Love.

(I actually got misty reading that the first time I saw it (our brilliant team created it) and then again as I reread it now.)

That’s Today’s +1.

The Heroic Coach Diploma.

Want one?

Come and get it!

Let’s be the change. And change the world. Together.

Heroic Coach Certification

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