#1684 The Miracle of Flight

Hours vs. Months

Here’s a fun fact…

I’ve traveled more in the last three months than I had in the prior three years.

It’s been super fun to hit the road for some book launch events and other impactful partnership opportunities.

Today I want to chat about one of my little practices for travel days.

Here it is…

Let’s say I’m traveling from Austin to Tampa Bay.

That’s about a 1,150 mile trip.

On a non-stop flight, I can get there in 2 hours and 40 minutes.

That’s pretty amazing.


It’s REALLY easy to take that MIRACLE of FLYING for granted.


I like to compute how long it would have taken me to make the same trip 150 years ago.

Enter: A quick Google search to learn more about the early pioneers. Check this site out for more on how families made the trip across the country back in the day.

For now…

Know this…

Traveling 20 miles per day, it would have taken me 2 to 3 MONTHS rather then 2.7 HOURS to go from Austin to Tampa just a couple hundred years ago.

As I start my modern trips, I like to remind myself that I would have had to load up a big ol’ wagon and have packed that wagon with an insane amount of supplies then hoped my family and animals and I made it there alive.


I try to keep that in perspective when my flight is delayed by 15 minutes.

btw. I do the same math when I’m stuck in traffic with the kids—asking them how long they think it would have taken us to ride a horse to our destination. And whether they’d prefer to be exposed to the elements or in the comfort of our temperature-controlled car.

That’s Today’s +1.

Our modern lives are a MIRACLE.

Let’s use every chance we can to remind ourselves of this blessed fact.


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