#1230 The Magic Spot in Our Mouths

High Five It and Shine!

In our last +1, we Optimized our oral posture.

Bet you didn’t think we’d be talking about that when you signed up for Heroic! (Hah.)

I know I didn’t but here we are! 🤓

Recall: We want to turn our S-shaped bodies into a J-shape and then close our lips and gently place our tongues up toward the front of the roof of our mouths.

As it turns out, my favorite breathing expert, Patrick McKeown, wrote an awesome kid’s book in which he gives us a name for that spot.

He calls it “The Magic Spot.”


Teaching ourselves AND our kids how to breathe properly is SUPER important. (As in: WAY more important than we may realize.)

Patrick’s book is called Always Breathe Correctly. I highly recommend it.

The book features a wizard who teaches kids how to breathe.

Of course, he teaches us that the nose is for breathing and the mouth is for eating while teaching us to breathe gently into our bellies, etc.


He teaches us how to find that “Magic Spot”— with our tongues gently touching the area on the roof of our mouth right before our front teeth. When we hit that spot, we automagically close our lips and breathe through our nose.

Which is why if I ever see Emerson with a gaping mouth, I’ll say, “Magic spot, buddy!”

He’ll immediately smile, close his lips, and proudly breathe through his nose as I give him a thumbs up and a quick sign-language “Love you, buddy!”


As you go through the day Today, if you ever happen to find yourself with a mouth gaping open and air going in through the wrong hole, perhaps you can playfully hear me say to you:

“Magic spot, buddy!”

Then we’ll smile together and celebrate our little win as we get our shine on.


One breath at a time.


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