#1756 The Long Game

IS the Short Game

In our last +1, we talked about one of my recent sessions with Phil Stutz.

It was approaching 1-on-1 coaching session #451, and it was one of our best.

I could barely keep up with the wisdom bombs Yoda was dropping as we discussed the importance of embracing (and how to embrace!) life’s INEVITABLE pain, uncertainty, and constant work.

As you may recall, we had fun with a couple of new mantras…

I love PUH!” and “I love PUCW!” to capture the power of embracing life’s inevitable pain, uncertainty, and hard/constant work.


I’m easily amused.

And yes, I found the long u and hard c and silent w of “PUCW” amusing.


Today I want to chat about the VERY LAST thing I wrote down on my eleventh (and final!) page of notes from that epic session.

Phil and I were talking about Heroic and how we’re approaching things strategically, along with the importance of maintaining purity and what Phil calls “goodwill” as we play the long game in pursuit of fulfilling our missions to help create a world in which 51% of humanity is flourishing by the year 2051.

Then Phil told me: “The long game IS the short game.”

To which I asked: “Why?”

To which he said: “Because if you’re not playing the long game, then somewhere along the line you’ll quit.”


That’s Today’s +1.

Play the long game.

Then show up with Areté moment to moment.

(ESPECIALLY when you don’t feel like it!)

That’s the fastest way to win the ultimate game and every other game you care about.

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