#1063 The Big 2 (x2)

1. Develop + 2. Serve (+ 3. Repeat + 4. Forever)

In our last +1, we talked about David Brooks and his great books The Road to Character and The Second Mountain.

We talked about hitting the character gym so that we can give ourselves most fully to the world.

I mentioned the fact that I’m dedicating each burpee/pull-up/etc. to a different member of our community and that I’m striving to deliberately, rigorously train my mind and body and soul to forge my character so I can serve our Heroic community as profoundly as I can.

Then I said that “all the wisest teachers and faith traditions tell us that there’s a joy in moving beyond ourselves.”

As I re-read that, I thought of two of my favorite Heroes: Khaled and Brooke.

And, I thought of this little video our film genius (thanks, Ben!) created featuring their parallel wisdom on how Heroic has helped them practice their respective faith traditions even more deeply.

(I just got tears in my eyes as I typed that as there are few things that inspire me as much as knowing that our work is helping people live THEIR unique paths to the fullest.)


I thought of one particular line Khaled shares in that video.

I’ve watched it countless times and every time I’m deeply moved.

Khaled, a devout Muslim, tells us that “Ultimately what Heroic is, is following the footsteps of the prophet—which is about two things: how do you develop as a person, as a human being; and, how do you take that developed person, that growth, and use that to serve somebody else.



That’s Today’s +1.

Two parts.

1. How can you develop as a person just a little more Today?

2. How can you take that developed person, that growth, and use that to serve somebody else?

THAT’S the game we’re playing.

Let’s play it well.


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