#1022 Take T.I.M.E.!

Time (Restricted) + Intentional + Mindful + Enriching

In our last +1, we talked about some crazy stats re: smartphone usage from David and Austin Perlmutter’s new book called Brain Wash.

Recall: “79 percent of adults reach for their smartphones in the first fifteen minutes after waking up.” “That number climbs to 89 percent among people between the ages of eighteen and twenty-four. Right away, we satisfy the craving to check our phones—a result of the dopamine surge.

Then we had a personal question. (Where do YOU fall in those statistics?)

Then I encouraged us to find a way to Optimize our PM smartphone usage a bit. (You rock that?)

Today I want to talk about T.I.M.E.

It’s one of David and Austin’s key tools to help us manage our addictions tech use throughout the day.

They tell us: “Apps have started to emerge to help people track their screen time and avoid smartphone addiction. But you don’t need an app for this exercise. You can go low-tech here and use our T.I.M.E. tool. When approaching your use of technology, especially when it comes to digital media and communication, you need to make sure your activities are making good use of T.I.M.E. This means they need to be…

Time restricted. Create and abide by a minimal window of time for accomplishing your goals. If you want to watch YouTube videos or scroll through a social media platform—but you often spend more time than you’d like doing so—set a timer to go off after twenty minutes. …

Intentional. As we’ve described in detail, so much of our interaction with technology is designed to benefit others. Becoming more intentional about our use of digital products helps put the power back in your hands. …

Mindful. A mindful approach to digital media consumption means bringing awareness to the way you’re using these technologies while you’re using them as well as awareness of the way they are affecting you. …

Enriching. The digital sphere is filled with clickbait and other content designed to capture your attention. Much of it is a waste of time.


Want to master your use of technology?

Make sure it passes “the test of T.I.M.E.”

Start by making sure your use of technology is “Time restricted.” Then make sure you’re being “Intentional” and “Mindful” about it. Then, of course, make sure the experience itself is “Enriching.”

I’m reminded of some wisdom from Indistractable. Nir Eyal tells us that anything we do is either giving us “traction” toward our goals or is a “distraction” standing in the way of achieving our goals and expressing the best version of ourselves.

He tells us that we need to ask “the critical question” before engaging in technology: “Is this trigger serving me, or am I serving it?

Then there’s Cal Newport’s parallel wisdom from Digital Minimalism where he tells us: “The sugar high of convenience is fleeting and the sting of missing out dulls rapidly, but the meaningful glow that comes from taking charge of what claims your time and attention is something that persists.

It’s T.I.M.E. to connect to the best version of ourselves.


P.S. This gem from Nobel Peace Prize winner Christian Lous Lange is worth remembering: “Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.

P.P.S. One more time: Our 2020 Heroic Mastery Series + Heroic Coach programs start next month! We help you Optimize pretty much every aspect of your life, including technology use.

Here’s how one of our Heroes (Ken Steitz) describes his experience with our program:

It has been life changing…. I did not know what to expect when Brian offered an Heroic Coach program early 2019. I read and listened to a few Philosopher Notes and some +1’s, and thought Brian did a great job in presenting some key ideas.

I was very busy expanding our business and I didn’t have much time to do the program in depth when it started. I would listen to the Weekly Coaching training a day or so later, and then at the end of August something hit me…. I believe it was the PM and AM Bookend sessions that began the revolution :)

I then began the process of listening to the Core Wisdom requirements. I began my daily journaling, my Masterpiece Day Worksheets (I am at 72 days straight), 12 minutes of daily Meditation, optimal breathing, eating better, and following the plan.

The removal of the news, TV, the internet (except for work), social media — and going to bed instead — has created an energy I have not had in 20 years. I’ve lost 12 pounds since September and am about 5 pounds from my ideal weight of 168 lbs. My worldview has changed drastically as well. I look forward to the challenges/obstacles, instead of dreading them. I do the things now I would in the past put off until later. I could go on and on.

I would highly recommend going through the Heroic Coach program, even if you are a busy executive. You will learn how to have energized tranquility, have more energy, optimize your weight, sleep better, cuss less, be more present with others, use your smart phone and email less and enjoy life and others much more than you do now. It has been amazing.

← That sound like fun? Join us and let’s make 2020 the greatest year of your life.

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