#1187 Superman’s Kryptonite Bath

How to Destroy Your Power Tonight

A couple +1s ago, we referenced Steven Kotler’s line from The Rise of Superman.

Recall that he said: “To put it another way: flow is the telephone booth where Clark Kent changes clothes, the place from where Superman emerges.”

We then unpacked the three key variables to our Flow Equation (Energy x Focus x W.I.N.) and applied that laser-focus of Energized awesome to both our Work AND to our Love.

Today I want to go back to Superman for another moment.

I laughed out loud when I read a line about him from Dave Asprey’s book Super Human.

First, quick context.

Dave’s book is all about, as per the sub-title: “The Bulletproof Plan to Age Backward and Maybe Even Live Forever.”

As you may know, Dave is a professional biohacker and basically the founder of the whole biohacking movement.

He has the ridiculously (!) inspiring goal of living to 180 years old. And, he’s ALL IN on making that a reality. Like, jumbo, blow your hair back, WOW, ALL IN!

As part of his discussion on how to rock it to 180, the first thing he tells us we need to do is “Don’t Die” (aka don’t be taken out by one of the four killers: cancer, heart disease, diabetes and Alzheimer’s) then we need to “Age Backward” (by learning how to restore vitality and literally get biologically younger) then we need to “Heal Like a Deity” (via exploring some cutting-edge practices to rock it). Those are the three parts of the book.


One of the keys to not dying is to sleep well.

In fact, Dave has a whole chapter called “Sleep or Die” in which he walks us through just how critical high quality sleep is to our well-being along with how he has hacked his own sleep in remarkable ways.

All of which is part of a longer chat.

For now, let’s go back to Superman.

Dave tells us that, as we discuss in Sleep 101 and incessantly throughout our Mastery Series: “Most modern light sources contain unhealthy amounts of blue light and far too little of the beneficial spectrums to help balance it out. This is what I call junk light.”

And, now for the line that made me laugh out loud:

“Shining these junk light sources into your eyes close to bedtime is like Superman taking a little soak in a kryptonite salt bath to prepare for sleep.”


Today’s +1.

Quick check in.

How are YOU ending YOUR days these days?

With a powerful, Energy-boosting Digital Sunset so you can leap out of bed in a single bound with laser focus and joyful confidence, hope and enthusiasm?


With a digital kryptonite salt bath so your sleep suffers, leading to you groggily hitting the alarm clock and grudgingly getting out of bed with a foggy brain and burned-out ick feeling?

Remember: Tomorrow starts tonight.

Here’s to the simple things that help Superyou show up more and more consistently!!!

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