#892 Stoic Shipwrecks

And Kids at the Park Biting You

In our last +1, we had fun reflecting on a new ritual Emerson and I are having fun with. It’s been super fun to reflect on ancient Stoic wisdom via Ryan Holiday’s modern medallions. (Thanks, Ryan!)

Today I want to chat about that Premeditatio Malorum coin. You know, the one featuring a ship in stormy seas that tells us to consider the things that could go wrong in life so we’re not quite so surprised when the inevitable (metaphorical) shipwreck occurs.

That coin happens to be one of Emerson’s favorites. (He also loves the Amor Fati fire one. 🤓)

(I’m laughing as I type this.)


We’re always trying to find ways to integrate wisdom into our daily lives. (← Of course! Practical philosophy for the win!)

These coins have been a great way to do it.

The first day Emerson picked the Shipwreck coin, we talked about what it meant.


The wisdom didn’t really come to life until he came home from the park later that day with a pretty good bite mark on his collarbone. (L O L)

Apparently, he and another new friend were playing with a toy of some kind. A girl wanted it. The boys were keeping it from her. And, well, she bit Emerson. (Laughing.)


What did I do?

I had him bust out the Shipwreck medallion.

We looked at it and I said, “Yep. This coins means that you need to be prepared for things not to go your way sometimes. In ancient times, they had to worry about crashing their ships when they traveled. Kinda like we might have car accidents.”

I continued: “And, you know what? Sometimes during the day weird things might happen. For example, when you go to the park, you might get bitten. That’s pretty much what this coin means.” (lol)

Me: “So… When those inevitable oops things happen, what should we say?”

Emerson: “No big deal. It happens.”

Me: “Exactly.”

That’s Today’s +1.

It happens.

Shipwrecks. Car accidents. Kids at the park biting you.

Let’s quit being quite so surprised by the inevitable oopses in life as we get our daily Stoic on.

(P.S. Yes, of course, Emerson and I also talked about which of his behaviors might have needed a little work to avoid the bites in the future. 😜)

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