#977 Start Strong!

Got Any Starting Lines in Your Life?

In our last +1, we talked about the importance of finishing strong. I shared a bit about the origin story of my first business, eteamz. It probably sounded like all sunshines and rainbows. Of course, it wasn’t.

It also probably sounded like a really cool idea!

Build technology that would power the millions of teams involved in youth sports? Awesome!


Before we got lucky enough to raise that $5 million and hire the CEO of adidas and all that in pursuit of finishing strong, I had to START the darn thing.

I can remember a chat I had at THAT stage of the business just as vividly as the one from the end.

Picture this: I’m 24. I recently dropped out of law school. I have an idea: I want to help get 1 MILLION (!!!) teams online within 5 years.

A friend of mine’s dad happened to be the chairman of the board for a very large public company. I was lucky enough to get a few minutes of his time.

I shared my idea. (I smile imagining my raw enthusiasm at that age!)

You know what he says?

He basically laughs and says something along the lines of, “Well… First of all, you’re violating the first rule of business: There’s no real need here. None of these teams are using the web for any of that.”

Me: “Gulp.”

Him: “Further, you have absolutely no business experience, network or money so how in the world do you think YOU can make this happen?”

Me: “Gulpx2.”

Him: “If you think you can make that happen, well, take another hit off that pipe.”

Me: “Gulpx3.”

I kid you not. That was basically what he told me.

But, for whatever reason, I just KNEW (goosebumps as I typed that) that in a matter of time EVERY SINGLE team and league in the world would be using the web for everything. I could SEE a million teams using our platform within five years.

And… I went for it.

And… We got to a million teams within THREE years.

Of course, over the last twenty years, I’ve had WAY more projects NOT work out the way I hoped than those that did (including the ultimate fate of eteamz) but…

Today’s +1.

Are there any Starting Lines you need to get to in your life?


Which one?

I’ll see ya there. Let’s run that race together.

+1. +1. +1.

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