#1119 Soul Mates 2.0

How to Find One and How to Be One

The other day we took a quick look at my Gratitude journaling.

I shared my “Thank you, God for blessing me with…” reflections for Energy + Work + Love.

As you may have noticed, my love gratitude-prayer was: “God, thank you for blessing me with my beautiful family. You did a great job with my Soul Mate 🤓 and our two precious gifts: Emerson and Eleanor.

I actually laugh with joy every time I give God a high five for doing a fine job finding me a Soul Mate. (Thank you, God! lol.) (Seriously. Thanks!)


Since I first wrote down that line, I’ve developed a new, deeper appreciation for the whole idea of a “Soul Mate.”

It’s kinda obvious in hindsight, but I’m loving it.

I’ve even modified my Love Identity to include “Soul Mate.”

First: To be clear, I’m not sold on the idea that we have one (and only ONE!) person in the world who can qualify as our “Soul Mate.” At the risk of offending the romantics among us (hah), I think a reasonably healthy, committed person can create a beautiful “Soul Mate” connection with a range of other reasonably healthy, committed people. 🤓


Back to the idea of a “Soul Mate.”

That’s actually EXACTLY who I aspire to be for Alexandra.

I want our Souls to be best friends and best supporters of one another.

I mean, this is pretty much how we defined love in our Love 101 class back in the day and what we committed to in our marriage vows a decade ago.

A great relationship is one in which each partner is there to support the other in joyfully Optimizing and actualizing his or her potential in service to our families, communities, world, etc.

In other words: Optimize = Optimus = Best = Eudaimon = Hero.

A great relationship is all about helping the other high five their inner SOULs Eudaimonia style.

Get it?

We’re Eudaimon Mates.


SOUL Mates.

Which actually makes me extend this whole idea of being a good Soul Mate way beyond just my relationship with Alexandra.

I want to be a good Soul Mate for my kids as well.


I want to be a good Soul Mate for YOU and for all the other people we’re blessed to serve.


Well, I want to be a good Soul Mate for everyone with whom I interact all day every day.

That’s kinda the whole point of life, eh?


Soul Mates.

First, let’s be a good one to ourselves.

Then, let’s go be great Soul Mates for everyone we meet today.

Soul Mate 2.0 style.

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