#802 SOUL Goals

Vis-A-Vis SMART Goals

In the Mastery phase of our Heroic Coach program, we recently talked about SOUL Goals vs. SMART Goals.

It was part of Module IV on Heroic Quests. (Which came after Module I on Eudaimon-ology, Module II on The Big 3 (x2) and Module III on Carpe Diem.)

As this stage, most of us know about SMART Goals.

They’re Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant (/Realistic), and Time-Based.

That’s a fantastic (smart!) model for more traditional goal setting/achievement in a typical business environment. Want to create more widgets by a certain date? Get SMART about it!

But what about the really big dharmic stuff we chase after on our Heroic Quests?! You know, the dream-goals that don’t lend themselves (at least at first pass) to a more linear model like the SMART framework?

Well, as I was prepping for our session, I decided to call those kinds of goals we go after on our Heroic Quests “Soul Goals.”

After the session, Alexandra and I were chatting about what the acronym should stand for and we came up with this:

Scientifically Optimized Unreasonable Legacy Goals.

That sounds about right.

We want to stay grounded with some Scientifically Optimized principles (like the science of Grit, Hope, Motivation, and making our dreams a reality) while we are willing to step into the forest of the unknown and dream about what might be described as Unreasonable goals that will help us leave a Legacy we’re proud of.

I challenged our Heroes to make a list of really big, inspiring Goals they’d like to achieve across our Big 3 of Energy + Work + Love.

Then I had us think about the #1 goal we’d like to achieve that would most fundamentally change our lives AND that would require us to show up as our best—giving every ounce of our strength and challenging us to use all the tools in our tool sheds.

That’s Today’s +1.

I wonder…

What would you do if you weren’t afraid?

What would you do if you KNEW you could not fail?

(And, as Brené Brown says, what is so important to you that you would go for it EVEN IF you knew you could fail?)

If you feel so inspired, use our little Worksheet to capture some of your most important Soul Goals in Energy + Work + Love.


As you look at all the inspiring goals you could go after, what’s the #1 Soul Goal you’d most like to achieve that would most fundamentally change your life? And… That will require you to show up as your best—giving every ounce of your strength and challenging you to use all the tools in your tool shed?


That one…

Let’s say YES! to our SOUL Goals as we courageously step up and give the world all we’ve got.


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