#1812 Socks, Beds & Mastery

Dominate the Little Things

In our last +1, we spent some time hanging out as I took my socks off.


We’re using every moment of our lives as an opportunity to practice our philosophy.

As you may recall, I’m taking the extra 1.43 seconds to make sure my socks are right side out as a way to strengthen the connection between my current self and my future self while doing that guy a little favor and forging a little more antifragile confidence with every action I take.

Whenever I think of taking advantage of the little moments of life to forge a little more antifragile confidence, I think of George Leonard.

In his great book Mastery, he tells us:

Could all of us reclaim lost hours of our lives by making everything—the commonplace along with the extraordinary—a part of our practice?”


Of course, Admiral McRaven told us to make our beds for essentially the same reason as I’m encouraging you to take your socks off right.

The little things matter.


Of course, is why John Wooden started his basketball pre-season by teaching his boys how to put on their socks.

That’s Today’s +1.

Let’s find those little micro moments to forge some excellence and activate our Heroic potential.


🛌 🧦

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