#761 Shaz-Optimus!

Superwords and Superpowers: “OPTIMUS!!! LET’S DO ARETE!!!”

In our last +1, we talked about how much I enjoyed the documentary on Mister Rogers called Won’t You Be My Neighbor?

Who would’ve thunk that our beloved Mister Rogers experienced the same “tortures of the damned” trying to create? Always fascinating and powerful to be reminded of the inherent challenges of the life well lived, eh?

Today I want to talk about another movie I recently saw.

This one was ridiculous and I’m still not sure how it got 90% on Rotten Tomatoes. In fact, I might’ve walked out half-way through the movie but I did get a little wisdom gem from it so we’re all good. 🤓

The movie?


You probably know the basic story line: An imperfect teenage boy meets a wizard who makes it such that he can simply say “Shazam!” and he has superpowers. Then he goes about discovering what those superpowers are as he evolves into a true hero with strength for two and love as his secret weapon. (I didn’t make it thru to the end of the movie but I do know ALL good hero’s stories have the same arc so…)

Enter: The wisdom gem.

The power of a superword. ⚡

(And the fun discovering our superpowers as we evolve into true heroes with strength for two and love as our secret weapons. ⚡⚡⚡ )

That’s Today’s +1.

What’s your superword?

And… What are your superpowers?

I actually have a phrase these days: “OPTIMUS!!! LET’S DO ARETE!!!”

It’s my flip-the-switch go to these days.

How about you?

Here’s to flipping the switch and channeling our inner superhero a little more today.

“SHAZ-OPTIMUS! Let’s do this!!!”

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