#1174 Shaping Our Brains

Millisecond by Millisecond

In our last +1, we spent some time on the cortisol-melatonin teeter totter, reminding ourselves to give our melatonin a chance to have some nice, relaxing fun by turning off our cortisol-spiking inputs nice and early.

Today I want to go back to another gem from Kate Hefferon’s Positive Psychology and the Body.

It’s a super-simple bit of wisdom. But equally powerful.

Quick context…

Her book has a bunch of fun “Did you know?” sections.

Like this: “Did you know? We take 10,000 blinks, 20,000 breaths, and 100,000 heart beats a day.”

And this: “Did you know? 99.9 per cent of DNA in all humans is identical. . . and 98 per cent of our DNA is shared with apes.”


The one I want to focus on Today: “Did you know? Researchers propose that even positive or negative millisecond thoughts can change the brain structure for either the better or the worse.”


We’re shaping our brain MILLISECOND by MILLISECOND?!

I find that incredibly inspiring. And humbling. And inspiring.


It goes well with another one of Kate’s wisdom gems that “One of the greatest findings of the past 20 years is that, through effort and experience, the brain can change.”

Today’s +1.

Let’s have some fun reshaping our brain.

Millisecond by millisecond.

+1. +1. +1.

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